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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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saying overall, this is just a really sad ending to terrible story where you had one man actually lose his life in a murder and another man losing his life because he's going to prison for the rest of it. jon: we'll be back here in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky buy from sbn cohost of "after the bell" and "forbes on fox" every saturday morning he wakes me up. >> you wake up at 11:00 every saturday morning? good for you. >> i need my rest. do you know what i mean? >> thank you, ladies for having me. it was september i think, when i was last year. a lot has happened. a lot to report on. >> a lot of big political news. you've done an interesting interview that you'll talk about in a few minutes.
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let's get on that topic. a scandal that will not go away. hillary clinton continues her swing through iowa fox news learning she was asked about her email practices during her time as secretary of state more than two years ago. in a let has obtained dated december 13 2012, and sent by then house oversight chair daryl isa, cabinet secretary, including clinton, were asked, quote, have you or any senior agency official ever used a personal email account to conduct official business? simple enough right? if so please identify the account used. also in the letter, administration officials were asked about how their agencies stored and archived emails sent from their personal accounts. isa's only official answer was reportedly a simple description of the email policy. that's two months after hillary clinton had left the agency. bear in mind that these
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questions about her email practices were coming amid the raging fire storm over her handling of the benghazi terror attack which had happened just three months earlier. a very simple question, david. did she drag her feet on answering when she knew the answer surprising? >> it's not surprising. she has a habit of obstructing justice. i don't think there's any other word for what she's done. she did it during the clinton administration when her husband was president. there was a draft indictment written by a prosecutor against her back there for obstruction of justice. they didn't serve her with it because of monica lewinsky. they decided to put all their eggs in that basket but the bottom line here in her defense, she didn't lie. she just didn't answer the question. the big question is whether she destroyed her emails and server in new york by after she was asked for those emails from that
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committee. if she did that it's obstruction of justice. >> how do we get to the bottom of this? you follow this story for town hall. you follow the benghazi scandal. at the same time they're asking her, are you conducting any emails outside of government business? and she didn't respond knowing the answer. as you just mentioned, that's a lie of omission. >> it's a lie of omission but i think we have to go back to why the oversight committee was asking her this specific question. they were also looking at the entire law administration and the habit within multiple federal agencies the e.p.a. labor department the i.r.s., the state department using private email to evade oversight committee subpoenas and inquiries and hillary clinton was part of that. she did lie about it lie through omission but it was an overall obama administration problem. but to me i'm getting a little frustrated with all of these things that come out and there being no accountability. we've been talking about hillary clinton evading emails for
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months. we've been talking about officials evading emails for years and yet, no one has been held accountable. so if the oversight committee and congress aren't really going to do something to make sure these people are held accountable, then let's move on and stop complaining about it because there's been no consequence at this point and sitting around and talking about it -- >> she can be held accountable in 2016 because we the voters getting to to the polls and we get to choose who the next president of the united states is going to be. we need someone with character we need someone who doesn't think they're above the law someone who isn't blatantly disregarding the rules, someone who does the right thing for the american people. doesn't lie to us. we need transparency and we get to make the choice. she can be held accountable. >> over the weekend "new york times" reported and i assume this is through clinton surrogates that she's going to run for obama's third term. president obama said he would have the most transparent administration in history. clintons are about as transparent as a wool sock. are we now to expect if they
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wins another administration without any accountability? >> we're hoping that the wool sock breaks out with some holes. right? >> that sounds like my socks. >> let's unpack that for a second. you have hillary clinton, her email situation. it wasn't just a lie by omission but she didn't get back at all. she let the state department get back for her two months after she was gone. she was already two months out the door. the only thing they got back with was the policy in place. they didn't even bother to answer the question about the emails. >> she doesn't have to answer, though, right? >> can you imagine doing that? >> they don't make her answer for it though >> with regard to the obama administration, we find out they knew about the email so they're complicity, too. >> of course they did. >> i don't think you can take this kind of in its totality without pointing a fingerer and saying if somebody knew and they didn't answer correctly was that in fact a lie? where did the lying begin? >> yeah. for me it's not just simply
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about what hillary clinton said or the lies. it's been b a real legal question about whether federal laws were broken and a real serious question about government transparency. >> does daryl isa have the power and authority to prosecute? >> the d.o.j. is not going to do that. we saw them drop contempt charges against lois lerner. they're not going to ask her questions. if they're not going to make state department officials who work under her talk about it -- >> but she said she would. january 28 of this year she responded and said i'm willing to come back and testify about benghazi to your committee again. crickets though. is she going to do that? >> the problem now is that there's this issue of emails. that wasn't part of the question. and whether or not benghazi came up in the emails. republicans have an opportunity right now with an open door either it's isa or someone to get in and to really press for accountability. >> there is one agency though, that might do that.
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the inspectors general from the state department and national archives may go to the attorney general. they may be denied and ask him for a subpoena to go into the server and see what emails are left. >> that's the next question. how should republicans handle this especially the ones running for office? so the g.o.p. does plan to use hillary email scandal to defeat her in 2016 but the party also reportedly plans to use her wealth to paint her as out of touch with ordinary americans. now, this as she used her first campaign event in iowa to slam c.e.o. pay and bonuses despite her close ties to wall street and making a whopping $200,000 a pop to speak to folks from goldman sachs. >> as you look across the country, the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. and there's something wrong with that. there's something wrong when c.e.o.'s make 300 times more than the typical worker.
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there's something wrong when hedge funds managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers that i saw on i-80 as i was driving here the last two days. >> isn't there something with career politicians making way more per speech than any of these goldman people? >> like cartoon question marks. blink? blink? blink? okay. so this is making news. there's a breakfast that's just wrapped up with bloomberg reporters and editors and out of that senator bernie sanders, remember independent out of vermont just said hillary clinton is not ready to confront the nation's billionaires to address rising income equality. it's not what she says. it's what she does. that's what it means to be independent. you can slam her. you haven't even declared you're running yet. >> it's not just bernie sanders. i talked to ralph nader. he still has a lot of pull with
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progressives in america and i had him on on monday and i said is hillary clinton a crony capitalist? he said absolutely. she hasn't driven a car in decades. she's getting $100000 speeches all the time. >> $300,000. >> according to ralph nader she didn't do anything to protest during the financial bailouts in 2008. she's the definition for ralph nader and bernie sanders now of a crony capitalist. >> the crony-ism argument, this is an opportunity for republicans to say big government fuels big business. and the cronyism and that is what benefits people at the top. >> the problem for republicans if they put up another mitt romney, it's not as good of a case as someone, say, from skat walker who came from humble backgrounds. >> you have to distinguish the difference between mitt romney and hillary clinton. they're completely different. mitt romney made his money on
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his own starting from zero in the private sector. >> wouldn't scott walker against hillary look better though? >> but i think that's saying mitt romney and hillary clinton are hugely different and hugely unfair. >> do you know what jumped out at me when she railed on the rich? it sounded like elizabeth warren's song sheet. she goes after wall street. she goes after c.e.o. pay. did this indicate to you at all maybe she's a little bit scared about a threat? >> that's a good point. maybe she knows she has the big businesses already left voting in her back pocket. she's got to appeal to those far, far leftists that really want elizabeth warren to run. that's a good point. when i was doing this research, too, i was reading about what bill clinton did to a lot of people are blaming him for the troubles in 2008 so it's interesting she is saying she's not for capitalism and not for big wall street companies. well, bill signed the commodity futures modernization act in
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1995, he loosened the housing rules by rewriting the community reinvestment act which means he put pressure on all those banks to lend the low income neighborhoods which caused the collapse in 2008. >> by the way, andrew cuomo was the head of h.u.d. at the time. so it all comes together. >> all full circle. >> more from bernie sanders now. the country belongs to all of us and not just the billionaire class. do i think that's hillary clinton's politics? no. no i don't. more to come from him, i'm sure. >> every republican consultant make sure you clip those remarks and run ads about it if she wins the nomination, right? her party eating its own. and about face from president obama as we learn he's now willing to sign a bill that would give congress a say in a final nuclear deal with iran. that is if a deal is reached by the june deadline. so did the president cave? this is a totally different position or did the bill get watered down? and a new twist in the case of the free range kids. remember this story? they were picked up by police
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and brought to child protective services after being spotted walking without an adult. we've got a followup because mom and dad are back and they are fighting back. why they're lawyering up and whether or not they have a case. and right after the show it's the lunchtime love sandwich of fun otherwise known as "outnumbered overtime." where harris gets to do her chair dancing and we answer questions. >> what? >> your questions. start tweeting us your questions and comments right now and we will start to file them away and answer them after the show.
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♪ >> you're watching "outnumbered" and we are glad that you are. both sides claiming victory today after the white house reversed course saying president obama would in fact be willing to sign a revised bill giving congress a say in any nuke deer deal with iran. senate foreign relations committee unanimously approved the bipartisan bill. remember we were talking about it yesterday. it goes to the full senate and to the house. it would give congress a chance to vote on whatever final deal emerges with iran. the deed line for the agreement to appear in their hands is june 30th.
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that is could slide as deadlines often do. >> they said there are enough row revisions to the make the corker-menendez bill acceptable. the gop says president was overrun. one critic of the iran situation overall is senator tom cotton. >> after months threatening a veto of the legislation the white house had to withdraw the veto because republicans and democrats alike are recoiling from what they have seen last two weeks and what they have heard from secretary kerry last two days. nuclear iran we need to stop because a nuclear iran increases dramatically likelihood of nuclear attack in the world and against americans. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle recoiling on the president's position on this. what do you think, did the white house capitulate? >> no they clearly did. they saw the numbers stacking up against them. they didn't want to override of a veto. iran is winner.
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one thing the senate took out initial reference to terrorism they're supporting out of the waffled. they got that removed. also got the deal with the russians to build the anti-missile system, which is the best, which will make them impenetrable, any of their nuclear program. i still think despite the fact republicans won on this one iran is the real winner. >> isn't republicans who won though? i mean netanyahu said the world wins if this deal isn't made, if it's a bad deal? >> that is excellent point harris. not just pub opinions who won. by the way it was unanimous support. anyone who is against terrorist organizations that threaten democracies and freedom -- >> wouldn't that be all of us? >> right, they win. i want to point out, point out something very specific about how embarassing this is. we should stay on this this was absolutely humiliating defeat for the white house because they flexed their muscles. they said we will veto this. you know what it points to, harris? white houses typically have
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legislative affairs offices that deal with these type of votes that tip them off we're in trouble. you should not go out there threaten and veto we don't have the votes. white house had no clue they would get clowned in unanimous vote. that tells me the relationship between the white house and congressional democrats is postively abysmal and in huge trouble. >> you know another clue yesterday ainsley what we talked about on the couch too secretary of state john kerry was out talking to lawmakers saying that he had found not just a a democrat that he could talk to. i'm thinking how much trouble are they in got him doing it. he is looking for democrats and republican. >> secretary kerry was pushing back in the morning. it hit about noon. i was watching interviews with corker that is when they realized this was unanimous. they will have to capitulate and surrender at some point to spin it in their favor. that is exactly what they were doing. i was listening to cotton. he says this is very dangerous to try to come up with a plan
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with the world's worst sponsor of terrorism. he says obama's plan is completely flawed. said in the rose garden, everything in the plan goes against what the president said in the rose garden which the president did say that he wants sanctions removed immediately or sorry iran said that no inspectors. that goes against everything that americans wanted. >> i didn't mean to cut in. i want to get this in real quickly, i want to talk about before we go to break what this means. it is a 60-day stay, if it doesn't get done the deal by june 30th. it es built in. they can keep it in their hands by congress 82 days because they get summer break. >> the big thing is congress allowed to change anything from the deal. the congress will receive final deal from the white house and what the state department is negotiating. i don't think this will make a big difference when conference can't do anything to change. >> ma is the point of them getting involved? >> that is the point. >> you know what this allows the president to do? what israeli prime minister
9:21 am
bejnamin netanyahu said needed to happen. this allows him to walk away from the table without having to say it. very interesting. we'll stay on it as it makes news. president obama wants cuba off the terror list. we have it regarding to iran now we have it seen with cuba. this is the next step to normalize relations with the communist reg game. but is this right position when the cuban government providing safe haven with convicted cop pillar and admitted hijackers on the list. plus they said they were broke and promised to reform their ways. wait until you hear the shocking letter the irs spent millions of your tax dollars on polling and stuffed animals. well they are kind of cute. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." growing fallout today over president obama's action to remove cuba from the government's list of state sponsors of terrorism. the proposal comes just daze after days after the president's meeting with cuban president raul castro in as week's summit of the america. marco rubio hose parents emigrated from the communist nation. saying this morning. removing cuba from the list would be a big mistake. >> cuba now harbors dozens of fugitives of american justice. those include people that have stolen millions of dollars of taxpayer money through medicare fraud. they're on the island of cuba enjoying that money. a cop killer and that killed a police officer in new jersey. >> one of those fugitives joanne chesimard, wanted for
9:27 am
1970 murder of a new jersey state trooper. another alleged cop killer, admitted hijacker charles hill. castro government is accused of harboring, former cia officer frank turkel, wanted for providing more than 20 tons of explosives to the late libyan dictator muammar qaddafi. david, you feel strongly about it. the state department says the cuba hasn't engaged in terrorist at activity in six months. >> cuba is not only sponsor but it's a terrorist nation. they terrorize their people 24/7. you try to leave cuba, they will kill you. if that is not terrorism, i don't know what is. yes they sponsor a lot of terrorists some of whom are fugitives from our justice but they themselves are a terrorist nation. they should be judged as such. >> he brings up good point katie. one of those at that was asked,
9:28 am
said you talk the wrong way your family is put in jail and is hurt. >> we didn't ask them to stop that before we normalize. we continue to do that as we negotiate. you look who is on the list of state sponsors of terror. cuba iran, syria and sudan. the cubans are allies with the iranians who are the primary state sponsor of terrorism all over the world hezbollah, hamas. hezbollah is the largest most expansive terrorist organization in the world. they are very closely connected to cuba. the center for security policy came out with a report just last year, detailing the relationship between the cubans, iranians the venezuelaance to attack the united states from intelligence perspective or launching physical violent attacks. this is completely ridiculous. what do we get in return? nothing. we have gotten nothing. >> very similar to the iran deal right? what interests do we have in these two deals? now the white house will argue, well this is going to help the people of cuba.
9:29 am
no it's not. with any dictatorship, lifting sanctions will only make the castro regime richer. i believe "forbes" magazine put them on the list of one of the richest families in the entire world. >> they own the island. they own the entire island. >> keeping all of their people down. this will help further full and elevate the dictatorship. ainsley, progressive like the president always looked at cuba as lenin it, stalinists paradises. bill de blasio, new york city mayor, honeymooned there. they think it is ideal and far far from ideal. >> do you think we would be in bed with cuba and iran making these deals. is there any positive to these at all harris? >> you know what is interesting in terms of the extradition. i want to talk a little bit about the hijackers. these are convicted -- not people necessarily on list of people who have been charged. these people have been convicted of very serious crimes. they fled to cuba. we have extradition treaty since
9:30 am
1905. now we're giving deal giving them things, if they didn't respect the treaty now what makes us think they will keep it now. chesimard and others who were there, there is no stick necessarily. we've given them lots of carrot but that extradition treaty has been -- >> may give them another big carrot gitmo. we may give them back gitmo. >> what is the positive? i'm searching with regard to some of the legalities that exist with those people who fled there. will that open door for others. if you're sitting in the u.s., do you try to get to cuba still? >> chris christie sent a letter to cuba, saying could you please extradite joanne chesimard before you their response was we have a right to protect persecuted criminals. >> they consider her a citizen. >> absolutely. >> stunning letter from the senate finance committee revealing the internal revenue service, the same agencies that
9:31 am
claims it is broke spent millions of dollars on some outrageous purchases. for starters, the committee said the irs spent $8,000 on a stair climber. $4.3 million on market research and public opinion polling. another 4 million or so on office furniture. and that is not all. it also forked over thousands of dollars, for quote decorative items such as stuffed animals, toy footballs and even thomas the tank engine rubber wristbands given out at managers meetings. sound like a bunch of kids running the irs. >> my five-year-old would love that. do they have a circular driveway where they could put the items out like a garage sale? is american taxpayers we could pick up our stuff that we paid for? >> it is all ours. >> the piece of exercise equipment? >> that is ridiculous. >> is there any further discuss anybody needs to get rid of the irs? isn't this the perfect talking point for republican.
9:32 am
>> it is. they should have moved to strip the enforcement provisions with obamacare. that would be a great thing for republicans to rally around. who doesn't dislike the irs, which begs the question, why were they polling about the irs? i have will conduct a poll right here. we don't like you. it was free. we did it here, "outnumbered" research. >> why don't republicans do that. >> i don't know, harris. singing off different song sheet. one wanted to defund. ted cruz. repeal the medical device tax. it is winning issue. democrats would defend the unlikeable irs and president. >> defense of some republicans two of them anyway, mike huckabee and ted cruz talked about getting rid of the irs. one through national sales tax which i'm not so big on. >> that is not realistic. >> why not? we're in control. still a democracy. if we don't like something we get what we want. >> it's a good talking point that republicans use to go out on speeches but a realistic
9:33 am
provision, stripping the irs's ability to enforce obamacare and make democrats try to vote against that they would have all had to vote -- >> i want to know why they need a stair climber? that is the question. >> we had john koskinen, who is now the commissioner of irs very arrogant in front of oversight committees about lois lerner role targeting conservatives they didn't like he said two weeks ago the irs is ignoring 60% of the phone calls because they don't have resources or money to answer them. but they have money for this. >> don't even bother calling today. >> weren't the ones that did the "star trek" video? >> yes they were the training video. >> we were sitting on that talking about government accountability office overspending, wasteful spending. shrimp on the treadmill. where does it all end? we need accountability. >> shrimp on the treadmill. that is why they are using treadmills to get shrimp going right? >> why we laugh about it,
9:34 am
harris americans trying to put food on table pulling their paycheck, getting money taken out of their pocket to pay for stuff like this when they can't buy toys. >> physically on this day of the year on tax day i think andrea hit nail on head in all searness when you talk about obamacare, when you see your taxes paying for that, in certain income categories, and how people are struggling with paperwork to try to make it all make sense. still looming the supreme court decision whether or not the subsidies are going to hold in some 35 states. you will have people struggling to get health care, not being able to afford it. that is all part of this tax conversation. >> it is anti-american. you are guilty until proven innocent by the irs. a lot of businesses who in the end turned out to be innocent lost their business because of this forfeiture deal. >> that makes people so angry over 80,000 people work at irs. they don't pick up the phone. when they want to come after you, not stuffed animals and tricycles. they come at you with guns
9:35 am
blazing. >> thomas the tank bracelet can you get me one of th se? will that be a the garage sale. the school which thought this would be a great assignment. having children pretend what it is like to be muslim in america and writing with the struggles they face. the outrage from parents whether this could be part of a larger trend of pc indoctrination inside of our schools. stay close.
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or go to to try 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ ♪ >> well, how do you feel about this? outrage among many parents in wisconsin, a twn there after some of their 10th graders got an assign meant for a world history class. here it is. they were told to write five paragraphs which they pretend they're muslim in america and asked them to give three examples of, quote what you do daily for your religion, and any struggles you face end quote. one upset parent believes the
9:40 am
idea of assignment to invent or exaggerate prejudices against muslims in the u.s., saying, quote, i would have no problem if they were to pretend they were in the middle east and practicing their religion. i first was bothered because it seems that any catholic issues are brought up attention to brought to the school and assign meant is banned, being a public school end quote. we should note, we reached out to the school for their response. it is 12:40 eastern coast here. we haven't heard back. we'll let you know if they call us. >> don't hold your breath. >> a couple things. you chimed in there on christian-catholic part. at the same time students were given assignments, they were given a crossword puzzle that defined conserve political belief preserving moral values by restricting personal freedoms. >> that is interesting. >> anybody thinking there was equal play looking at religions i thought that would be brought into factual evidence. >> there are so many different
9:41 am
ways this is hypocritical. i'm sure people wrote this thing are same people who would scream about prayer in school, for example, right? >> yeah. >> no prayer in school but if it's a muslim religion kind of reminds me of what president obama does to christians and their problems, as opposed to, not saying anything about muslims and their problems. >> why do you think you do a history assignment like this? >> because they want to be tolerant and open but you know what? maybe they should ask the question how christians feel in iraq right now? how about that question for the students? on issue of liberal teacher who is asking them to do this, you know what this does? it requires students to stereotype. because the student is sitting there going okay, so, what does a muslim do every day? what do they wear? what is their practice? requires them to sit there and put themselves into that situation by stereotyping, which is what the left claims they don't want to do. it puts students in bad situation. it is not tolerant both ways. there is no way if this was
9:42 am
easter or christmas or asked how christians feel in america or iraq right now with isis going after them, how they would feel that would not fly. lawsuits filed bit aclu. >> people who might question why they could do this assignment, this comes on hands or heels of some films they have watched in class. this is sort of an of those previous assignments. whatever they have seen they're now able to write, katie, what they learned about the faith of islam. >> the parent who didn't want to be identified this is part of larger curriculum which included films, which is part of a liberal academic push to address what they perceive to be biggest issue in the country which is islamophobia. to katie's point, imagine if i was student or christian i would have crossed off muslim woman living in the united states a muslim woman living under sharia law. i would have done the essay what it would be like if i violated
9:43 am
my religion. i would have my genitals mutilated. need three witnesses if i was raped. if i drove they would burn me or cut off my nose. write down all the things they happen to women to violate sharia law. that would be mys say. if i failed it, who cares? >> in terms of making a list and on piggybacking katie and andrea flip this on its head if you wrote about what it is like to live in that part of the world as christian, and some struggles inside of iraq and syria, one would be staying alive before dark. >> right. i think this whole assignment is dumb. i think it is so stupid. i don't think it is necessarily offensive, just ridiculous. i think this teacher should be embarrassed for having this assignment, never in school did i have to report, what is it like to be persecuted christian what is it like to be persecuted jew during the holocaust. we never got those assignments this is dumb. she should apologize. >> we'll move on.
9:44 am
we'll cover it as it works out. >> i'm sure the school will get back to you. >> we're waiting. >> 1:00 guys. >> i have two phones. all right. update on the free range parenting case that we've been telling but this week. two children picked up and held by child protective services when found walking home alone. now their parents plan to sue saying their children were unlawfully held without their knowledge. they didn't call for hours. do they have a case? ♪ ♪ help brazil reduce its overall reliance
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on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operations. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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>> more "outnumbered" in just one moment. first to jon scott with the what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> andrea we'll look at the conviction of former nfl star aaron hernandez convicted of murder spending life in prison without possibility of parole. the jurors spoke a few minutes ago. we'll have a live report and ask a legal panel on the case. new jersey governor chris christie speaking at a town hall in new hampshire. he is flirting for a run at the white house. he has a controversial plank. we will talk about the latest gop field and latest on hillary holding events in iowa. president obama set to host a town hall in charlotte this afternoon. all about the economy. pitching plan for lower taxes on
9:49 am
working class on this tax deadline day? did you get yours filed? you don't have to answer that, andrea? >> no, i definitely did or i would be in trouble. >> they know where to find news they do. >> thanks jon. >> yeah they do. update on the so-called free range parenting case in maryland that has spark ad nationwide debate how young is too young to leave your kids alone. parents say they are going to sue over what they call the unlawful seizure of their children while the two were, walking outside by themselves. the couple says child protective services held their kids for hours without contacting them. the lawyers said the children told police they wanted to call home but the police didn't let them. the couple was left frantically searching for their children when finally able to take them home, they had to sign a safety plan that prohibits them from leaving the kids unattended. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you agree with this? >> this is huge update to the story. we did the story earlier in the week. i was watching social media.
9:50 am
people were really upset. are they upset with the parents or the child protective services? if you took my kid and you didn't call me, and it was hours later, after dark, i'm driving around frantically with my husband you would have to restrain me, right? now these parents are going to say we're going to sue. the neighbors were involved in this too because when the kids were found or witnessed to be walking alone within a third mile from their home, they called 911 these neighbors. we don't know about that neighborhood. melissa francis was on the couch earlier this week. she brought this up. i thought it was such an excellent point. there are some parts with america, you walk down the block, safest and most beautiful place in the world. i know there are predators out there. everybody knows their surroundings. these are parents. now you have outside influence on those parents. very interesting. i can't wait to see how this plays out. >> they're 10 and six. now the parents are having a safety plan. do you think they're fine to be out playing by themselves? >> yes. i will tell awe secret. my parents must have been
9:51 am
horrible. my brother and i used to ride bikes down a dirt road for three miles down to downtown, all alone! >> what? >> where where? >> arizona. >> end of the world. i'm wondering if free range kids are more expensive than free range chickens. >> nice. >> is free range more expensive? this idea the government is coming in. how scary a six-year-old a stranger from cps to take you put you somewhere and not know where you are. it is ridiculous. the law -- >> got home at 11 or 12 at night. they had school next day. david, even a prisoner gets to make one phone call. >> i hope i don't incur wrath of you wonderful ladies. on one hand, i hate common core. i hate ideas of government socializing our kids. we're responsible. on the other hand a six-year-old, on his own or her own, i just don't think is acceptable. especially, but a 10-year-old is still, i mean, yes, you have places like arizona when, my
9:52 am
son lives on military base. he is a marine and it is great that he can leave his kids alone there but a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old on their own i don't know. something about that bothers me. >> think about all the wrongs committed against kids is this really a useful, you know, exercise by child protective services? is this good use of their time a good use of their money? i would say there are eichlaey children being legitimately abused in that county and i think this is a big distraction from that. i think they're not focused on kids that really really have parents abusing them. that is where they should be focused. >> my mom is former social worker. i'm careful about what i am about to say. thank the lord nothing happened to the children in custody of cps. things can happen, even if only for a few hours. they have a lot to answer to. >> thank goodness nothing happened to them on their own as well. >> okay. i was baby significant when i was 10. >> will the parents win? >> i don't know. let's watch and see. it will be interesting. >> cps did not handle this
9:53 am
correctly. everyone agrees with that. >> yes, i agree with that. >> vice president i should say joe biden, no vanger to the awkward public moment, right? he has been in the headlines for head-scratching moves like when he got up close and personal with defense secretary ash carter's wife. more recently putting former mayor mike bloomberg's grandson's binky in his mouth. will he trifle with another photo that will make you cringe guys? coming up next. ♪
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>> ♪ spoking of the lady's room, a man known for awkward moments, vice-president joe boyd bide may have shown another one. he tweeted himself from inside of a woman's locker room writing equal pay for equal work and common sense and overdo. hash tag equal pay day. he is surrounded by the delaware basketball time in the lady's locker room.
9:58 am
>> and i saw that topic that he wants to put with that picture. it is like a basketball team in college. awkward and add it to the list and love it to joe biden. it is not that big of a deal. >> but joe boyd boyd is hash tagging that? i had no idea. oh, joe. >> and you think the clintons are setting this guy up? >> and that is a locker and how could his people. is that what you are saying. >> they have agreed for this to happen. and look like mr. vice-president. this way in the lady's locker room. >> and oh yeah. creepy people hang out. >> i have a message for joe boyd boyd -- biden you are being
9:59 am
weird and it is inappropriate. >> having met him he is very present when you are with him and a very nice person and a one-on-1 and 1 of those people that is really into it. you ask him to take a selfie. he's in the moment. and look at this picture. i mean, i can so him sort of going what where, i can't wait to get there. >> you can get away with it in the private but in public sector he would be at hr every woke if he survived at all. >> you bring up a good point. i remember tweeting stuff and writing stuff and maybe not too much information and you learn as you go. >> i have to admit he looks like a good time, right. >> and he is fun to hang out
10:00 am
with. >> and not in the women's locker room. >> and staying right here for outnumbered overtime. and click the ot tab and we are back on tv tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. >> and start off with a fox news alert. aaron hernandez, who once had a 40 million contractor and now heading to prison for the rest of his life. >> the former patriot star found guilty in the shooting death of odom lloyd. >> congress might get to renew the deal with iran. the administration backed down and saying that president obama will sign a compromise measure. >> we'll be particularly thrilled about the legislation that emerges. who wins the battle? >> a


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